The Frigid Frigate Gathering Event is Here!

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Re: The Frigid Frigate Gathering Event is Here!

Postby Shortyjrt » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:55 am

Why can’t we sell extra stuff that we have to other people? It makes no sense to feed to a table that is finished.

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Re: The Frigid Frigate Gathering Event is Here!

Postby TereCamachere » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:49 am

If it is going by levels and difficulty, wouldn't it make more sense for there to be less tiers? This is just ridiculous.

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Re: The Frigid Frigate Gathering Event is Here!

Postby kppk » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:48 pm

There are definitely ways these events could be better, or more fun. But in the interest of providing feedback (hoping someone responsible for decision-making / development actually reads the forums), I'm going to comment under the assumption future events will continue to follow the same basic pattern.

Things I liked about this event compared to some of the other recent ones:

1. Thank you for going back to 15 tiers vs. the 16 tiers one of the other recent events had. 15 can still be too much for some, but 16 is definitely not fun.

2. Thank you for making the turn in items consistent throughout all tiers. I understand the attempt to add creativity by making different things turn ins at different tiers, but am glad you seem to have stopped this practice. It isn't fun having to do math to figure out how many more items or trades you need to complete so you don't get stuck with items you can't use.

3. Thank you for making the 1000 point turn in purchasable with event points gained from assisting overs vs. an insane amount of gems.

4. Thank you for letting us assist others during the event (I think I can easily say, this is something everyone prefers).

Now, for the wishlist:

1. It is way more fun to build a unique decor item: Christmas Tree, Gingerbread House, Hot Air Baloon, etc. than a drafting table. I get it these are faster to develop probably, but if it meant fewer events I think that's a trade many of us would be fine with in exchange for a non-table end result item.

2. Please add a method for all players to do past events. This could be a BIG money earner for you guys! If you make it so anyone can choose to do older events whenever they want (first time for newer players, or repeats for older players who maybe like the end result decor item and want another one). And you offer all the various 30 gem purchasable 'help another player' items ... people will buy them. This would let newer players get the event decor and make everyone happy who maybe just barely missed finishing something or earn more of that event's currency to buy stuff with in the bizzarre.

3. Whenever someone sells event related items that are no longer of any use to anyone, please have Wesley immediately buy them so space isn't eaten up in the world market. Or have them automatically disappear from inventory. Really any solution would be appreciated so we don't see them in the market.

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Re: The Frigid Frigate Gathering Event is Here!

Postby BethM » Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:41 pm

I would agree with most of the above, with these added thoughts.

For me, these table events are really about getting the boat components. Yet another table to feed daily in exchange for a pulley or an axe is essentially worthless. Just eliminate the tables and make it all about working for the boat components. I guess there is still a need for some visual progress and a counter and a place for visitors to leave gifts, but perhaps this could be handled another, more permanent and reusable way, like at the shipyard.

Unlike many/ most others, I don’t object to the idea of different foods at different levels, but once an event-unique food is introduced, it needs to be feedable all the way to the end. Starting new food at higher levels isn’t the the problem. The problem is cutting off the ability to feed event items, leaving people stuck with them in storage until after the event. It’s just really bad game design. If you want to have lower level foods that stop being feedable at higher levels, they need to be regular things like cloth or rope, which we can use elsewhere or sell off immediately.
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Re: The Frigid Frigate Gathering Event is Here!

Postby MamasIslandBreeze » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:25 am

Please, pretty please make it possible to sell our leftover event items to our friends so that they may complete the boat :)

This game is so much fun BECAUSE of our community goodwill and accomplishments. Please give us this gift.

Hopeful for kindness :)
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