New Levels are Finally Here!

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Re: New Levels are Finally Here!

Postby Cajunlady » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:11 pm

Guess since I don't have any issues with the game, I would like more levels....... and faster than they have been coming out.

By no way am I saying that new levels are as easy to create and develop as in Candy Crush, but 5 new levels coming out once a year is totally rediculous. If they would back off with the back to back events, then more time could be spent on new levels..... and possibly fixing whatever problems there are having with the game.

But don't think for a second, that creating new levels WILL HINDER THEM from working on those problems. There are many staff members responsible for different things, so it's not ONE OR THE OTHER. They are capable of doing multiple things at the same time, you know.
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