Diving progress

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Re: Diving progress

Postby JoannaK » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:20 pm

LilBubbleBlast wrote:So sorry that I have been MIA from the forum. Yes, Joanna, I would have pointed out the same...different language and culture. :D
Generally, the "eye roll" emoticon is used to convey, "good grief," "Oh brother," "boring," making fun of a remark, etc...usually something negative. I use it with myself when I feel that I made a silly mistake.
Just trying to help you. 8-) By the way, your English is fantastic. Have a great day.

Thank you LilBB :D I agree we might see it differenlty, for example that one 8-) I see as "smart" or "showing off" :lol: :lol: But as we get to know each others, I hope we have realised this is a friendly enviroment and no one have any inttention to insult anyone, especialy not on purpose. We joke a lot, and I know that I can be relaxed with Ely, Kitty, Scubakat, Checkers, Livinez, Shrippers, Pugwash, you.... Non of us having any bad inttentions even when teasing... :D
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Re: Diving progress

Postby LilBubbleBlast » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:24 pm

Thanks, Sweetie :D
Personally, I use 8-) to say, "That's cool :!: "

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