Selling items needs a slide bar to set price

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Selling items needs a slide bar to set price

Postby JennsParadise » Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:38 pm

Wouldn't it be so much easier, and faster, if under the +/- signs there was a nice slider so you could get close to your selling price much much faster?
I'm talking about like you see on the edge of Web pages where t out drag it to move page, instead it we old move price.
For example if I want to sell a gold ring.. it selling point starts at 200, I won't sell under 400.. so when I set up a sale I must tap 200 times!! It takes what seems like forever, as often it is we hen playing. Your trying to get things made, traded, looking at market, all at the same time. You could miss allot while getting started when you play for the first time in a day. ( I'm assuming you too set up long mill items and crops while your asleep or can't play for a while.)

I think something to simply slide left or right aka high or low, and still have the option to use +/- to set exactly the amount you want it to be sold for.
I think this would be so much more efficient.
What do my fellow trade masters think???
I really love this idea and would like support of this idea, or if you notice how to improve it much better mention it too!! I've read so m a nd great ideas and others comment to make the original idea so much better. I feel the more we suggest to developers the better the game will be for us, especially those totally addicted like I am!!! :) :D
Thank you for reading! !

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Re: Selling items needs a slide bar to set price

Postby Mommyof2girls » Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:42 pm

I'm not positive about this since my market isn't working right now and I haven't sold anything in days (UGH), but I'm pretty sure you can just hold the button down instead of clicking over and over and the price will decrease/increase accordingly. :) I don't remember having to tap it a bunch...
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Re: Selling items needs a slide bar to set price

Postby HuacaFlora » Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:47 pm

Yes, you don't have to tap it a 200 times! Just hold it. It goes fast.

-edit- At least, at an iPhone. But I guess it's the same with other phones?
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