I've got a little list ...

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I've got a little list ...

Postby Missjanecobb » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:24 pm

Starting with fewer events. Please, give us a bit of breathing space because PB has turned into a frantic scramble to try to keep up with no time to sort things out in between.

Stop trying to make things difficult for the power players and start thinking about the majority who are now finding that it's almost impossible to complete some tasks. We mid-range players may not spend as much on gems individually but there are a lot of us.

Stop combining retro Tradefests with new items which are only available in the bonus tiers. For older players that means we have to slog through the early tiers acquiring duplicates of items we already have if we want any chance of gaining the later rewards,m and it's a disincentive to bother at all - and therefore we won't buy gems to help us on our way.

And for goodness' sakes, stop this idiotic pressure on players by making new pet stickers available for such a short time.

Stop with the endless new pets every other week, and please, stop treating us like idiots by recycling old pets as ghost pets.

The effect of all of these is to deter mid-level players like me. I have reached the point where I no longer look forward to my playing time because it's just more of the same frantic clicking and chasing after unattainable goals and I'm finding myself not logging in at all on some days. That means I won't be buying as many gems and that means less money flowing into PB's coffers. It doesn't take many people doing that to make a financial impact.

Finally, we told you so. We told you when you started making it far easier for new starters that it was a mistake. We told you that increasing storage dramatically would unbalance the game and why. We told you that older players would be unhappy about seeing new players advancing so rapidly. We told you that giving new players much shorter build times would rebound when they hit the point that their build times reverted to something closer to ours.

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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby Kissable32 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 2:30 pm

Can I add mine to the list?

PB, my island is seriously suffering crop wise, I need a speed glitch for like 3 hours to get it sorted out, I’m having MAJOR issues filling requests.

And another....PB ya need to reduce the growth time for cacao or increase the amount we get per harvest. If I make only 1 of each item that uses cacao, I use up 12 cacao. Your computer system has the people and boats requesting item after item that uses cacao and in multiples...do you see how this is frustrating and impossible? How can I keep a good stock of cacao if I use it all in one harvest, and can only make 2 of each item that requires it per harvest which is every 24 hours!
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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby BethM » Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:07 pm

Missjanecobb wrote:
Stop trying to make things difficult for the power players and start thinking about the majority who are now finding that it's almost impossible to complete some tasks. We mid-range players may not spend as much on gems individually but there are a lot of us.

Oh, wow. I agree with absolutely everything here but wanted to add to this thought. Way too many of Jasper’s requests need to be deleted because they are just ridiculous. He gives way too few points for collect from mills requests like he thinks we all must have great stacks of things already sitting there waiting to be collected. We don’t. Only the truly dedicated/obsessed players bother with serious stacking, so let them have their easy points. Reward collect from mill requests as though you think we will need to make all or at least most of the items. That means when you ask for 3 of some 8 hour item, it needs to be worth more than 40 or 60 points.

And the crop requests have gotten ridiculous as well. Harvest 17 lavender. Who keeps 17 fields planted in lavender except maybe overnight? I couldn’t have filled that one even on my harvest 2 island and its not near enough hearts to be worth waiting 3 hours to grow more. There is no game value or enrichment in a whole lot of requests of that 80% of players are going to have to delete.
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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby cupcakechrissy » Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:54 pm

I have to agree with everyone who has added to this list. I would be nice if the crops didn't take so long 3 hours is a long time to wait for crops to grow especially when most products take vanilla or lavender and it is too easy to run out of these items because of how long it takes to grow.

I am not happy with a recent purchase, I need only TWO stickers to get the hummingbirds and so I thought maybe I will try my luck with the the bronze chest and use 75 precious jewels to get them, but I got a pig sticker instead! What a croc! I am tired of getting stickers that I don't really care about.

It is feeling like a full time job with the bonus tiers. I did one with the meer cats only to be disappointed that they sit under ground until you feed them! What a joke! That is why I am not scrambling for the beaver stickers or the sheep stickers in the bonus rounds! Ugh! We don't need to try to obtain two animals each TF.

I don't care for the retro fests either because I already have the items from previous TF. I wish I could delete them from my storage! No place to put them on the islands as we are running out of room. Thanks for listening and I hope things get cleared up! Oh yeah! Hate the piggy bank too!
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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby Oblio98 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:19 pm

Wow. All great points. This game needs balance. The ebb and flow needs to return to normal, and there needs to be a complete re-evaluation of all items and tasks so that time spent growing or making items is reflected in the value of the item. A boat should not ask for 5 mango’s and offer 1 pair of shears.

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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby cookie66 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:56 pm

the orders are getting more and more ridiculous as far as crops go. i have counted the number of cacao needed to complete my current boat orders at 24. as i can only get 21 max in a day how are we supposed to maintain productivity.

i dont mind crops taking 24 hours if the orders match but what we have now is unsustainable. what's the point in playing if we have to delete at least 50% of orders. come on pb, we dont need fancy gimmicks, just please sort out the balance of the game before it becomes totally unplayable. :evil:
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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby Missjanecobb » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:31 pm

cookie66 wrote:... just please sort out the balance of the game before it becomes totally unplayable. :evil:

When I started playing a bit over 2 years ago (I wasn't in at the beginning) one of the things that impressed me was the remarkably good job the designers had done on having a good balance between the various parts of the game. It was playable without having to spend your entire life doing it, it required planning and thought but wasn't impossible.

Every change since then has made it worse and I would point my finger in particular at the huge increases in storage that they gave new players. Then they compounded it by not telling anyone what they had done, and only upgraded storage for older players if we knew to ask for it. That still doesn't solve the problem though, and as some of us told them it would at the time it caused huge disruption to the trading that was originally a major part of the game.

Other changes have continued the trend to turn it into a point and click game with little strategy and that has resulted in it feeling like a job rather than something to do for fun. The change to the dives is a good case there, in order to get the items from the salvage shop you have to work continuously supporting other people's dives or you won't get enough shells. It is now not a special event but just one more tedious task that is never ending.

Darn it, there are people out here who have huge amounts of knowledge and experience. I'm a software tester in real life, one friend I introduced to the game is a psychologist who works for another game company. I know there are some highly experienced coders on this forum, and even more experienced gamers. When we comment we are ignored yet they have a huge resource if they cared to use it.

I'm still playing, but I'm beginning to wonder why.

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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby Roo » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:52 pm

I agree with all of the above.

One more thing. When I started playing there was all the room in the world it seemed. So many beautifully decorated islands. Now it’s just clutter from all of the pets and decorations. I’ve watched islands that were truly beautiful turn into a place to put the next thing without regard for the aesthetics of paradise. I’m guilty of this and though I don’t display all pets and decorations I feel claustrophobic on my own island. I’d like to go back to a paradise I could escape to for a few hours a day that was pretty and fun.
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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby Bamagirl1225 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:42 am

I agree with all the above.
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Re: I've got a little list ...

Postby Dirtpoor » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:51 am

Thanks for airing your grievances, Missjane. And thank you ALL for adding your agreements!

Hmm. All of a sudden I can throw 100 tools at Relic Ruins and get nothing. I will have to start buying axes again...but at least at this point in the game, I can manage that. Balance was, at one time, predictable. Now there are too many things happening too fast, with unreachable outcomes UNLESS one spends $$$.; and too many decorations/pets to fit on one island! Not all of us want to play that game. That little piggy (bank) is not a critter I want on my island, and I log out every time it appears.

Agreed. This is no longer a fun, relaxing endeavor. Typical of business in the USA....find something that works, and merchandise the bejiminy out of it. :roll: FWIW, the forum and game interplay has - to some extent - restored a bit of my faith in humanity. But I wonder where those folks will go when they also get tired of the 'rat-race'? It was nice while it lasted. And I appreciate all the fine, caring folks I have met in my travels here.

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