Stuff we had we don't have now, could we have it back?

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Stuff we had we don't have now, could we have it back?

Postby J1st » Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:06 am

Your new dive system was a great idea, but it took the social out of the social media game. The old dive system needed a few more helper slots, not a revamp. In the old system, you could see your friends helping you because they made a change to your dive time. Now, it doesn't matter if you have 1 or 100, the results are the same. What is missing that was the most fun was helping and being helped during the dives. We had topics in the forum to alert everyone so they could jump in and help. And shame on you, if you were a little late, you had to wait to help on the next dive. I, for one, would like the old dive system back, just give me a few more friend slots. Thanks for listening.
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Re: Stuff we had we don't have now, could we have it back?

Postby PacificOshi » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:37 pm

Agree 100%! I miss the old dive system, knowing we were making a difference for our fellow trade masters, instead of just earning them some shells and a dye or something. Please bring the old system back, and as Jerry also mentioned, an additional seal.... please?
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Re: Stuff we had we don't have now, could we have it back?

Postby BethM » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:02 am

I think there are some aspects of the new dive system worth keeping, but agree the original system made for better game play.

I like the extra helper seals and the new artwork. I like the unlimited helpers and no more full dive sites. I like the simplicity of helping for a consistent 60 minutes (or until the event ends) rather than based on individual dive length.

That said, I think the dives come around way too often now, and the rewards are so pitious that it is hardly worth bothering. I’ve gone entire events with nothing but one hour dives yielding one pearl or a pulley or such. I’d like to see them stretch out the time between dives to at least 4 or 5 days to make them something to look forward to again.

I also would like to see a return to the set dive list with the long final dive with a prize we can look forward to getting, like multiple pet stickers, a good pile of gems, a special boat part, or even something new. I’d also like to see the extra trees and shrubs returned to dive rewards. I think players below a certain level would also welcome maps as rewards again.

One of the things players seem to miss most is having our dive helping actually help by saving the host player some diving time.

We were told when the new system was rolled out that they stopped having helpers reduce dive times because helper rewards were based on dive length. Imo they need to dump this notion. (I am not talking about the host diver’s rewards for the dive, just the little extra rewards the host gets from helpers and the rewards the helpers get.) Rewards of clam shells, a single pearl or gem, an axe or pulley are simply too minimal to be niggling over dive length adjustment. The reward could be easily set based on the original dive length.

With unlimited helpers, the game obviously can’t just keep subtracting minutes. I think it would be fairly straightforward for each dive to have a standard length and a minimum length equal to, say, half its standard length, with the difference being max helper savings. Each new helper subtracts 5 minutes from the current dive time. If the max helper saving has already been reached for that dive, no time is subtracted for a new helpers until that dive ends. Any helpers that join or rejoin after the next dive starts will again give time savings until max helper savings for the new dive is reached. The key here is that the software need only track helper savings for the dive host and only for one dive at a time, which seems doable. If it helps, they could say no helper time is subtracted in the last 5 minutes of a dive, regardless.

Anyway, it’s a suggestion.
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