A Game to replace PB

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A Game to replace PB

Postby J1st » Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:33 am

There has been a scramble for the last 4 days to try and find a game to replace PB. I'm pretty sure we will not find it, PB was unique in many respects, and I think most will be sad if that is their goal. I think instead we need to find a game that meets some of the more important features that was PB. That I think we can do, but we need to define them. I'll start the list, but I am no means an expert, and your input into helping to find that game and what it needs to have will make the chances of finding the right game that much more likely. So, here is what I found unique about PB and what I liked.
1. Non-violent, it is a game about helping and being helped. No shoot-em ups or war games. So our new game must have a helping social component. These games are usually described as MMO type games, Mass Multi-player On-Line games.
2. Multiple facets of game play. Especially in the early part of the game, you were expanding your island, and building new mills and collecting new pets. But the new components came with other challenges, like mill mastery, or leveling up your pets.
3. I could always do something on the game. Even when I was stuck waiting on something , I could do other things. A lot of games I am finding have a clock that stops if you don't either buy the "upgrade" or a long timeframe to wait if you don't want to buy something. I don't like that, and one of the complaints I had about PB towards to end when they started doing it too.
4. The help component must be genuine, it really needs to make a difference if one or a dozen are helping. Again, when PB introduced the new dive system, they took away that scramble that everyone made to help their friend's dives, I really missed that.
5. A relaxed forum. Some of the games I play are closely moderated. I really enjoy playing TownShip, but I do not like their forum. You can be bumped and even banned by an angry or upset moderator from the game. Fortunately, TS also has an awesome in-game chat that more than makes up for that shortcoming.
6. A good story line, and one that makes sense. I know that PB didn't follow up with what could have been a diverse and multi-threaded storyline, but it was great at the beginning of the game.
7. And finally, good graphics and adult content. By that I mean a game an older adult would enjoy playing. I don't want a 4 year old sounding voice talking to me in the game or graphics that look like you could draw them on an etch-a-sketch (sorry giving away my age).

I hope you will add to the game, and together we can find something we will all continue to enjoy playing.
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Re: A Game to replace PB

Postby thackney76 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:57 pm

I agree it is going to be extremely difficult to find a replacement and I hope someone will help us find one.

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